Why are you here?

It’s likely you sense that there is something wrong – something wrong with the world, something wrong with yourself, maybe something wrong somewhere in your circumstances. No matter what your circumstances are, no matter what your past has been or how scary your future may seem. It’s all perfect, why? because I don’t work with your circumstances and neither do you. We work with WHO YOU BE in the light of your circumstances. When you do this you become fulfilled, powerful, and truly in love with your own experience of yourself. The funny thing is that your circumstances have a tendency to change once you do that. Welcome to a new life! 

My Main Message

What you are is already complete. When you were a child you experienced this. But at some point you (as all humans do), “grew-up” and lost touch with this completeness. All of our adult lives we seek to find this childlike peace from outside sources and we are left feeling lost. You are the peace you seek, that is why you will never “find it” its not “out there.”

This complete self is not knowable it is not quantifiable and its not measurable. All words  and symbols even thoughts are broken and can only suggest the true essence behind the word, they can never BE the essence. Your body is a symbol of your essence only, its not your true essence.

Knowledge is the most overrated thing in humanity. Knowing something is lesser than doing something, and doing something is lesser than being something.

Some of The most accurate human statements are “I don’t know.” and “I am.” See why life coach phoenix clients say I personally help transform their most satisfying life.

To be true to what you already are is the ultimate human condition. Thus all acts are for the present experience only. The only moment that there is is now. All other times are illusions of the mind. In other words, to act in total alignment with your being is automatic, spontaneous and extremely powerful. Using the example of children, they are (up till a certain age) totally aligned with life and what they truly are. They don’t question it, they don’t think it. They already experience that they ARE it, and can’t be anything but it.


Now What?

There is only one moment, that moment is now. Meet with me and lets see what we can create. Life coach Phoenix, call now.

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