Allow yourself to not be so serious.

Allow yourself to not be so serious.

“And so at times, we talk, and I pretend to take your struggles seriously, just as I pretended to take my own seriously. You may pretend to take your own struggles seriously from time to time, and although we pretend, we really shouldn’t forget that we are pretending, that we are making up the content of our experience; we are making up the little dramas of our lives. We are making up whether we need to hold on or surrender or figure it out or pray to God or be purified or have karma cleansed—it’s all a thought. We just collude in this ridiculous charade of an illusion pretending that it’s real, only to reveal that it’s not. There is no karma. There is nothing really to purify. There’s no problem. There is only what you create and believe to be so. And if you like it that way, have at it!

But we cannot continue this absolute farce indefinitely. We cannot continue to pretend this game we play, indefinitely. It’s impossible. Everything comes back to nothing.

And then it’s a bit harder to hold a straight face consistently for the rest of your life.”

This quote given by Adyashanti captures so well what its like to wake up from the dream of this life. Humans have suffered for Millenia simply because of the fact that we have taken our selves too seriously. That alone is almost painfully funny! Its all been a complete game. If you are reading this and are offended; PERFECT thats your indication that you are taking your own thoughts too seriously. Thats your free indication that you are believing your own thoughts. Im not even right about this, so don’t be confused in thinking that I believe my own thinking. As Socrates said; “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.”

Bask in not knowing, bask in wonder. Stay in that place as a child would, and allow yourself to be there. Once we stop pretending to know everything and have everything figured out, once we accept that we are totally lost, aimlessly floating around in the universe, we can finally arrive at peace.

Enjoy the wonder of your own existence.

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