My Family and I in Dunns River Falls Jamaica. 

 The greatest teachers are children. They know presence like very few beings on the earth. They BE what they are in almost all circumstances. They are unapologetic about who they are, they don’t think about who they are they simply BE who they are. As we age we lose touch with this being and begin “adult-ing” this happens at a young age.  

My greatest achievement in this life is unquestionably the relationship that my wife and I have created. We have something VERY rare. That is total and perpetual acceptance of one another in our BEING. Our relationship is perfectly imperfect. 



(My son Silas on the left, my wife Kaela, and my daughter Olive. The are two more not pictured, Arrow he was on the cruise ship, and Rumi he is not born yet.)


My Approach

There are no one size fits all coaching methods that I follow. Each moment is taken exactly as it is and my response is based on our collective presence. We will learn the power of words and we will create a completely new life. What I do for one will never be exactly what I will do for another.

It will be uncomfortable and it will be powerful and you will be very, very alive. You will be in love with your life and your life will become exactly as you would love it to be.

We will create a new being, we will create new possibilities, We will hold you accountable and responsible for what greatness that is ALREADY within you. There is a sense that there is an untapped potential inside of your being somewhere but you can quite figure out how to experience it. Well it’s unlimited potential, almost nobody experiences it, you will. It’s time!

My coaching is not recommended for everyone.

Notable Teachers In My Life

Steve Hardison, The Buddah, Jesus, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Rumi.

Who are you to me?

First of all, we were never apart. All seperation is an idea based in a world of things. We happen to live in a world of content, not a world of context. We think that things and actions are what life is all about. We may not admit it on the surface but for the most part humans operate that way. You were never actually apart from me, and I was never apart from you.

I hold you responsible for your own greatness. Generally speaking people surround themselves with people who will agree with them and make them feel comfortable I am not that. I promise that you will always occur to me as the potential that you are for yourself, not necessarily who you think you are ( These are two very different things.) I will treat you as such. Discomfort will create a transformed being, this being is UNDEFINABLE.

You may not believe that a total stranger can love you, but what you think does not change reality. I love you, I love you for no reason whatsoever. You are my fellow human. I know you are thinking many things all the time; even at this very moment you are thinking. I will show you how to stop the endless noise that fills your mind and your body with addiction, pain, fear, and all types of suffering. By so doing you will be at peace. You will be more powerful than you ever believed possible. All suffering is an illusion, experiencing this as a reality is already available to you.

“We are on a journey of becoming that which we already are. That is the impossible paradox of our lives.”


“What you seek is seeking you.”


“Let go of the thoughts about who you are, in order to experience the beauty of what you already are.”


Now What?

Its time to set up our first meeting. Now is all there is and now is all there ever will be.

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