Discover Magnificent Love in EVERYTHING

Discover Magnificent Love in EVERYTHING

“The highest level of love is attainable only through brutal honesty!! (about your own BS)”

This is the Facebook post that prompted this article. It resonated with people. I claim to never actually give knowledge. I am in love with showing people what they ALREADY know. In this context I’m not talking about concepts and ideas. I am talking about a deeper knowing. Something totally unexplainable. Something so beyond ideas that you have never not “known” it. It’s the unexplainable being behind the ideas and words that really fulfill us.

How can you attain the highest level of love? Well the answer is very simple, very threatening, and uncomfortable. Who are you afraid of? What are you afraid to say? To whom can you not say that? Say the thing you can NEVER say to the person you could NEVER say it! This simple act will without question get you in touch with your own unspeakable power faster that any other act.

Keep in mind its not the act its self that makes the difference. The act evokes a very powerful being within us. The being makes the difference. To step into fear head on immediately proves to ourselves that it never actually had any power over us. All the power that you think fear has over your life is really just an idea about something in the future. It has nothing to do with what IS at this moment. When you step into fear with velocity you step into your own power at the same moment. Unspeakable freedom and power await ALL who are willing to take this path. The path is supposed to be uncomfortable, it’s scary on purpose.

The phantom you are afraid of will only have power over you as long as you keep it hidden in the darkness. In other words secrets are scary, the surrender of secrets and hiding liberates the saddest and most depressed soul immediately. Remember that only the surrender of your OWN BS will make the difference for YOU.



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