I Am The One You Have Been Looking For
A real-life inquiry into what the hell is wrong with you..

I Am The One You Have Been Looking For

I Am The One You Have Been Looking For

By Chase Wilson

A real-life inquiry into what the hell is wrong with you.

I am the one you have been seeking, I have the answers you want. I know that the search has been decades in the making. I have great news! The search is OVER. You have found me. When you look into yourself and see nothing and look up for answers outside of who you are; I realize that it’s been hard to get any real answer as to what is really wrong with you and why your life is so messed up. Keep reading and you will not be disappointed. You have read books you have read articles, and NOTHING has made the difference. When was the last time you actually felt fulfilled in yourself? I get it you are hungry you are ready you have been waiting a long time for this. Finally, some answers as to why your intimate relationship is the way that it is. An answer as to why all of your relationships are the way that they are. Some real answers as to why the world is so messed up.

(please don’t stop reading here)

ALL of the most inspiring men and women who have ever lived are EXACTLY like you and me aside from ONE thing. They BELIEVED (and performed like) they could make a difference and you believe (and perform like) you can’t. Thus, the answer lies in one simple thing…. What are you thinking and believing is true about yourself, about the world? And when and where does that stop your performance? THAT is the world you are creating. ANY authentic self-development group or person will at some point tell you flat out that YOU DON’T NEED THEM. That all of the perceived need in your life is made up in the first place and that your seeking for more is the very trap that is keeping you unfulfilled. YOU are the answer. You are the creator and YOU are the ONE that can make a difference – especially in your own life, duh! Self-development groups and individuals work very well as long as they seek to UNDO what you have in the way of experiencing your won power, YOUR OWN true self. You can know that a leader or mentor is authentic when he says that he has no answers.

I am not being rude, I am being straight and creating a vivid realization for you that you have been believing that the answer is anywhere but right where you sit. No matter why you kept reading this article in the beginning; Did you notice how you felt as I said “ I AM THE ONE” and “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I wonder how many got a little heated and thought, “who the hell does this guy think he is?!” I wonder how many will read this that actually thought there was a real answer that I had? How many thought that there was some magic formula that would save the world? I am writing this for you in particular. It is the belief that there is something other than yourself that can make you happy that keeps you unhappy.

If only it were so easy to pawn that that responsibility off onto someone else. If only you could be fixed by someone other than yourself. How nice would that be? To be fair we have been thought our entire life that phycologists were the ones that you go to in order to be fixed. There is a reason that mind-altering drugs (legal and non) are so popular.

This is a simple matter of taking complete responsibility that your life is EXACTLY the way that it is because YOU created it exactly the way that it is. Only from that context can you create it exactly how you want it to be. Also, there is sometimes an appropriate moment to realize that you have ZERO control over your life. I’ll need to explain that one in-person though.

“But Chase! MY demons are REAL! My problems are ACTUALLY bigger than yours. MY problems are bigger than anyone’s! I know this because X Y and Z and 1 2 3! No! in MY case there is no hope” – Until you get that you are not more or less special than ANYONE you will NEVER make a difference with yourself nor with anyone else, and by the way that’s not bad thats just life, you’re allowed to keep your story until the day you die if you’d like.

Follow me on some logic here… Are you the only one in control of your body? Are you the only one who controls your performance? Are you the only one who has your voice and your language? If you answered yes to those questions then you’re not just someone who is able to make a difference. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE who can make a difference. Until humans accept that they are IT, that they are the ONLY one, they will seek to find someone else to make the difference for them.

(By the way, that’s ok too and I’m not being sarcastic some people just love to stay blind. I love you!)

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