Appropriate Prices

I demand so much more than money from my clients. My fees are simply not a real concern for anyone. Why? I charge what I call “appropriate prices” that means that we talk together about what appropriate means and that’s what you pay. I want you to feel it, but I don’t want you to do something that’s not appropriate for your livelihood (and we will talk about what “feel it” means too.)  This usually takes the form of paying for a weekly session one month at a time. Typically a payment should cover 4 sessions. Each meeting can last anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. 

I can work with ALMOST any  budget, that does not mean I WILL work with any budget. I care much more that the work is effective than any dollar amount paid, and I would love to support my family and live and abundant life at the same time. 

Because there is a concern for some individuals, that they will be paying MORE than another for the same mentorship I want to make it clear that there is  no difference in quality from one payment plan to another. 

I give EVERYTHING I have EVERY time. I provide all of the value I know how to provide, EVERY MOMENT EVERY TIME. That is my promise.