What are you?

Who are you? What are you really? I don’t know, and to be quite honest neither do you. You don’t know because the magnitude of your being is not quantifiable, it is beyond measure. To “know” something only exists in a thought, not in reality. Also to know something would be to limit it to that definition. Even the world of math recognized this principal.  In math we use the symbol for infinity to represent what infinity means yet we can’t actually see it or write it down. The following is just an attempt to symbolize or illustrate who you really are. You are that, you are the indescribable beauty of life, you are the essence of love and being. You are the great being, experiencing a thing that we call life and a body. Though you cant know analytically who you are you CAN absolutely experience a moment in witch you are being exactly who you are. This moment is ALWAYS now, and never not now. Your are coming to “experience that un-knowable, un-quascreen-shot-2016-12-12-at-10-00-52-pmntifiable thing that you are. Accepting that you don’t know your own power and magnitude opens up endless possibilities to experience a life beyond your comprehension. To accept who you really are is less of an actual act and more of a “letting go” that you might think.

Let got of the thoughts about who you are in order to experience the beauty and magnificence of what you already are.


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